Single Ingredients

Our premier ingredients offer a new taste adventure to a variety of cuisines. With rich visual appeal and a wide range of textures, flavours and colours these versatile whole grains and legumes fit every menu.

Custom Prices

Uniquely yours, customized prices to discover the grains and legumes to add distinction to your appetizers, mains and desserts. Taste and nutrition soar when you add whole grain to your menu.

Whole grains continue to receive positive publicity

The resurgence of ancient grains is here to stay. Chefs and foodies are redefining the rich taste and nutrition inherent in whole foods, relying on Epigrain whole grain products to consistently deliver the healthful flavours and unique textures of these heavily sought after ingredients.

Discover barley’s subtle earthy undertones and quinoa’s crunchy texture and neutral flavour. Raise the bar on pilafs, salads, soups and desserts. Mix and match to create unique taste sensations your very own.

Find the perfect grain

blend for your restaurant

Food service professionals have whole grain blends on their radar because they know that restaurant goers seek more than creatively prepared dishes. Craving not only taste, texture and presentation, diners demand wholesome, healthful ingredients. A whole grain blend can play a significant role in satisfying today’s healthful diner while positively defining the restaurant’s brand.

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