Epigrain supplies quality grains and legumes at wholesale prices to grocery stores, restaurants, catering companies and fine food establishments across North America. Their versatility and long shelf life make them the ideal pantry essential for every professional chef.

Our selection includes an assortment of beans, barley, flour, couscous and rice available in a variety of sizes. With a medley of colours, textures and tastes, Epigrain has the ingredients today’s diners crave. With exceptional quality and bulk wholesale pricing, Epigrain has the assortment today’s wholesalers need.

A few customer favourites include a colourful variety of lentils, beans, couscous, rice and barley. High in vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein chefs incorporate lentils into their recipes to boost flavour, texture and nutritional value without the added cost associated with other protein boosters.

The unbeatable taste, integrity of source and versatility of our Coco White, Runner Cannellini and Lingot Beans means you can confidently add them to your award-winning chili, signature soup or house salad.

Choose from a variety of couscous, rice and barley products to add nutrients and elevate presentation. But no matter what grain you choose, be assured Epigrain delivers authentic flavour and texture consistently every time.

Diners review nutritional information closely, prompting even fast food chains to offer healthy grain based alternatives, with ingredients and nutritional value provided at the point of purchase so they can make informed decisions. Epigrain supports this appetite for knowledge by making this same information readily accessible to you quickly and easily.

Wholesale grains and legumes combine nutrients, flavour and texture so creating signature dishes that resonate with customers is now easier than ever. And with Epigrain’s exceptional quality and wholesale bulk pricing, it is now more economical and convenient.

Shop the Epigrain wholesale line and stop paying high prices for questionable grains.