Dedicated to supplying only the best quality wholesale ingredients, our passion for healthful grains and legumes is evident in the wholesome flavour and texture of all of our products. Our commitment to quality is unsurpassed in the industry, and whether searching for traditional grains or creating a unique blend all your own, the Epigrain line has it all.

With decades of experience sourcing only the finest grains, you can be 100% assured that every Epigrain ingredient is the highest quality.  With a wide selection of nutritious ingredients that prepare easily and consistently and wholesale pricing for bulk quantities, creating beautifully presented dishes is more convenient and economical than ever.

Organic Whole Grains

Our continuously expanding collection reflects our dedication to discovering new grains and creating fresh blends, and we welcome your comments and suggestions. We eagerly support your efforts to expand your menu with the healthier whole grain options sought by today’s health conscious diners.

A great tasting dish may be enjoyed at the time but regretted later if it lacks the nutritional value these health savvy foodies crave. Consumers will go out of their way to find a restaurant that offers deliciously presented healthy grains that taste great. They will not only return but will boast about their amazing find to friends, colleagues and family.

Distinctive chefs and award-winning restaurants across North America continue to place bulk grain orders from Epigrain because they insist on exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, unsurpassed quality, reliable delivery and a consistently expanding product assortment. They recognize the Epigrain line of ingredients and custom blends as incomparable.

Whether your preference is single ingredient grains or a unique blend, by the skid, pallet or truckload, you can count on the Epigrain wholesale line to deliver the best quality at the best price every time. As partners, combining our knowledge of the highly competitive leading edge restaurant environment, we will help you realize your business goals.

Organic Whole Grains

Organic Whole Grains

Organic Whole Grains Bulk

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